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At StoryStock we know that all great stories are built on the 5W’s and H format of who, what, where, when, why, and how. We decided what better way to describe the perfect StoryStock Storyteller and story than to take the 5W’s and H challenge ourselves. So here it goes…

WHO is the ideal StoryStock Storyteller?

You, simple as that. At StoryStock we welcome all types of Storytellers whether they are journalists, bloggers, activists or just someone with a smartphone and a story to tell. The most important thing is the story so it doesn’t matter what your background is. If you have an eye for a great story and the ability to tell that story then you are the perfect StoryStock Storyteller.

WHAT type of story are we looking for?

Real stories, no fiction here. We are only looking for true stories of real people and real life events as this is what our media client base requires. In an era of fake news, it’s the real life stories that connect with people on a human level. Whether it’s the story of the undocumented worker who has built a life in America fearing what will come next or the story of the two brothers reunited after 68 years apart these are the real life events that the world needs to hear and see. These stories are going untold every day and you can change that.

WHERE can I find these stories?

Everywhere, they are all around you. The beauty of telling real people’s stories is that everyone has a story. All you have to do is look around you to see all the amazing things that are being done by people from all walks of life and it’s easy to find them. The next time you go for a walk take a look at all the people that pass you by, each one of them has an interesting story to tell all you have to do is find out what it is. It may be the story of a couple who are together for 50 years, a person who lost their partner, someone with an unusual job, someone who has overcome great adversity and lived to tell the tale. You can tell those stories! 

WHEN can I find these stories?

Anytime. Like the last answer real stories are happening all the time you don’t have to wait for a major world event to get a great story. What some people see as a normal everyday occurrence others might see as the most beautiful story ever. Take the story of the husband who after 52 years of marriage still leaves his wife a handwritten love letter on the table every morning before he goes out, to them this is just a normal day but to others, it’s the perfect love story. Stories are happening all the time you just have to find them.

WHY should I become a Storyteller?

Pride. There is no greater feeling than having a story you found being shared all over the world. It’s a truly amazing feeling and the fact that you have been paid for your work and it has been credited on some of the world’s biggest media networks is the icing on the cake. In a nutshell, you get the opportunity to give someone a voice, share your work, take credit for it and get paid for it.

HOW can I record my stories?

Most of our storytellers capture their stories in short videos, 5 minutes or less, on their phone. That said, you can write an article, record some audio or just take pictures that tell a story. While we accept all those methods – using your smartphone to record video based stories gives you the best chance at having your stories licensed as they can be used on multiple platforms.

If you are making a video, make sure the video quality is good enough. Most IPhones and Smartphones have excellent video and sound quality. It’s really easy and cheap to turn your smartphone into the perfect recording studio by adding a small tripod, microphone, and light. See our blog post  ‘Storytelling on a Budget’ for more details on the equipment you need to get started.


There you have it, the StoryStock 5W’s and H challenge to find the perfect Storyteller. Now it’s time to go out and start telling stories.




kathleen kiley

Like the purpose of this story platform – one of the reasons I first became a journalist/storyteller. To tell a good and hopefully great story one day. Not time to find one.

Apr 18.2017 | 11:38 pm

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Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.

May 17.2017 | 10:48 am

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