by Francis Fitzgibbon | 3:23 pm

Your audience are bombarded with online noise and advertising all day – you should be asking what can you bring them that answers their questions, helps them understand the world and brings them information they actually want, not just what you think you should be broadcasting.

I was a radio producer for several years and we made many mistakes. We depended far too much on what the newspapers were saying. That meant we were often rehashing old news interviewing the same people the newspaper has already interviewed. That just filled time.

We often used contributors because they were readily available not because they brought something real and new to the conversation. We have to ask ourselves why we hear the same voices on the TV and radio all the time.
We depended too much on what other media outlets were doing and what twitter was saying. We had a small radio with our competitors show on in the corner. We felt that if they were talking about it, we should be too. That was a lack of confidence.

We often missed out on what mattered to our audience. They were our last consideration when they should have been our first.

People who produce for their audience should ask at every turn – why should someone listen to this? Why is this new? What does the listener get from this? Did you give someone new information, great storytelling and discuss something that mattered to them. Did you give your listener something they could talk to someone else about? Or did you just rehash the “news” of the day?

We often think of the everyday ordinary things that people are talking about as not been worthy for our shows. They are. Producers should have the confidence not to talk about something – just because other media are. Maybe they are wrong.

Producers should listen to the world around them. Reflect the kitchen conversations and produce content that is unique, risky, new and matters to your listener. You won’t always get it right – but you won’t always get it wrong either!


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