by Francis Fitzgibbon | 3:12 pm

If media want to attract new audiences, then they should be reflecting what those audiences are talking about. They need to understand peoples frustrations, what matters to them and what stories will resonate with them. That involves developing a deeper relationship with and understanding of the people you broadcast to.

Too many media outlets are repackaging the same news stories as each other – not stopping to ask why this story matters. Too many media outlets are broadcasting to each other – and not their audience.

If media want to stay relevant, they need to become part of the conversations of their audience and make them want to engage with you in the same way they engage with the world around them. Media people tend to live in a bubble and people in bubbles are not good at tapping into the conversations that are happening around them.

In the rush towards ever-more sophisticated algorithms and visualizations to analyse conversations from social media we forget that not everyone gets up in the morning and checks twitter. Using social media alone to gauge the global conversation ignores the fact that whilst most are now on social media, not everyone is as engaged as we may think. Sometimes all you have to do is take out your headphones and listen to the conversations around you.

At we set out to drill down into communities. To get the stories that twitter will never have. To get the stories from the centre of communities, told by people from those communities. The stories that may not be trending on twitter but are trending in communities. We set out to act as a qualitative measure of what the conversation is.

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