by Francis Fitzgibbon | 10:10 am

If you want to be successful, stop whining and start working

5 things I have learned from the Start up community in Ireland.

I meet people all the time who want to be successful. I meet people all the time who want to be rich and famous – most of whom cannot define either wealth or fame. What I don’t meet a lot of is people who are willing to work their ass off to make that success happen.

I have met some amazing people in the start-up world since I began StoryStock. People who are prepared to work hard, think differently, create alliances and get better every day. I have learned 5 key things from those people.

1) Getting things done on your own is impossible. You need to use the skills and thinking of the people around you. That’s where good networking comes in handy. Build a large and varied network of people on social media platforms like LinkedIn but also in real life and keep in regular contact with them. Other people will open doors for you.

2) Stop doing business with people who are constantly negative. Positivity is contagious and while it’s hard to do, gravitate towards the positive people and away from those that see everything as a problem.

3) Work smarter. Your time is precious. Map out your day hour by hour on a white board and give yourself hourly deadlines. Finish work on time but just use your time better. Stop pissing around on Facebook and make each hour count.

4) Look at how you do things every day and ask how could you do it better. Thinking about how you could do it better makes you more conscious of achieving it.

5) Be nice to people. People have long memories and short tempers. Its costs you nothing to be polite. If someone needs some information or help, give them your time. My late father always used to say Tá an roth ag casadh i gcónaí, an Irish phrase which means the wheel is always turning.


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