by Shane O'Connor | 3:30 pm

I’ve been locked away on my own for the morning working on a story campaign we are involved in  and as its December 1st I’ve been happily bopping along to a Christmas playlist on Spotify at the same time. I have to say I really love Christmas and sitting here listening to the to the likes of Bing, Frank and even Mariah has got me thinking of all those things I love. The memories and stories that only come out at this time of the year.

One memory for me from when I was a kid involves the big show that’s on tomorrow night, the Late Late Toy Show. For anyone that has grown up in Ireland the Late Late Toy Show is as much a part of Christmas as Santa Claus himself and more especially back in the time of two channels and no internet because it was probably the only place to see what toys you wanted. Toy Show night was a big deal in our house my mother would buy in bottles of Club Orange, bars of Cadbury’s chocolate and if we were really lucky, tubs of Pringles(how posh). These would be laid out in the sitting room and I’d sit on the floor waiting for the immortal line “here is your host Gay Byrne” and then boom, we were off. Over the next two hours I would watch in wonder as they would wheel out the best toys available at the time and Gay would slowly break each and every one of them. All the while stuffing my face with sugar! Although I always remember the last 20 minutes or so being a struggle when it came to trying to stay awake. It’s amazing how it’s these moments that stay with you, not the toys on Christmas day but the build up to the day itself. Despite what people may think of the Late Late Show these days I’m glad that the Toy Show is still a thing and that kids still get excited about it… It makes people smile 🙂


So, what are your Christmas memories? The stories that come flooding back this time of year?

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