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Jim owns Oaklands shop in Kerry. He used a contributor to tell the story of Oakland’s shop, a small grocery shop that has been in his family since 1961. He is trying to compete on his offering with giants like Lidl and Aldi. He has one great advantage – the story of his customers.

Whether you are a small corner shop or a global brand leader, if you cannot tell the story of your business and your customers, then you are just another commodity. specialises in connecting you to journalists who are experts at telling the story of you, your customers and your business or brand.

If you really want to connect with your customers, tell the stories of why they use your brand or service. What is it that brings them back day after day? Why your brand, product or service?

That may be a small shop or a global consumer products brand. Telling your customers story is just as relevant for both.

Airlines don’t just fly people from A to B. They bring people who love each other together. Tell those stories. Banks just don’t give out mortgage, they give people the opportunity to create homes, tell those stories.

Why do your customers come back to you?

The best brands are built on great stories! Start building today



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