StoryStock is a new Irish start-up that is building a rich archive of personal stories of ordinary people from around the world. Those stories have been submitted to us and approved by us from a growing pool of international storytellers – journalists, bloggers, media students, activists, and anyone with a camera phone, an internet connection and an eye for a great story. We only accept the best stories about people. Stories from the front line of war, political events, election campaigns, terror attacks but also ordinary stories of love, loss, inspiration, and endurance. The stories of ordinary people are what the media need to thrive and connect with their audience. Stories give meaning to the news and allow the audience to relate and interact with the media outlet. We can provide those stories to media at a low cost.

For the storyteller- joining our community gives you a voice. On StoryStock, you can create a public profile, showcase your stories, submit great stories for consideration, interact with other storytellers and media and get your work in the media whilst getting paid and credited. We take a commission each time we license your story so that we are incentivised to keep selling it.
StoryStock also works with brands and business to tell the stories of their company, their customers or their product. Stories are a great way to get noticed in a sea of online noise. Our Storytellers can craft stories around your product and how it helps people giving you a distinct competitive advantage over your business rivals. Advertising is changing fast and story is one way to keep ahead of the curve. We allow brands to stand out from their competitors by using interesting stories to sell ideas.