by Francis Fitzgibbon | 8:11 am

What the Irish media should learn from Kevin Myers article

The Kevin Myers article controversy in the Sunday Times was a telling moment for Irish media and one which had been inevitable for some time. Media outlets in Ireland have been clamouring to “out shock” their audiences with more outrageous content. Why? Perhaps under pressure to match their digital cousins whose videos and articles can be as salacious and outrageous as the number of clicks desire. Perhaps a young and inexperienced media who value clicks, retweets and shares over honest, considered, trustworthy commentary…

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by Francis Fitzgibbon | 10:10 am

If you want to be successful, stop whining and start working

I meet people all the time who want to be successful. I meet people all the time who want to be rich and famous – most of whom cannot define either wealth or fame. What I don’t meet a lot of is people who are willing to work their ass off to make that success happen…

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by Francis Fitzgibbon | 9:59 am

Media need a Taste of Science!

New Irish media company has teamed up with to offer its bank of food science, business & technology stories to media worldwide using the platform. The deal, concluded at the beginning of May, will see stories relating to food and agri-food being shared through the platform…

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by Francis Fitzgibbon | 3:23 pm

Media should listen to the world around them

Your audience are bombarded with online noise and advertising all day – you should be asking what can you bring them that answers their questions, helps them understand the world and brings them information they actually want, not just what you think you should be broadcasting…

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by Shane O'Connor | 11:46 am

Freelancers Wear Slippers To Work

One of the best things about being a freelancer is the ability to work from your own home. You can get out of bed in the morning, slide into your slippers, put on your favourite hoody and walk the 15 feet to work. Before you know it you have an hours worth of emails caught up on while the rest of the world is screaming their way through the slow moving traffic and best of all you’re still in your pyjama’s…

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by Francis Fitzgibbon | 3:12 pm

Media: Getting the stories Twitter will never have

If media want to attract new audiences, then they should be reflecting what those audiences are talking about. They need to understand peoples frustrations, what matters to them and what stories will resonate with them. That involves developing a deeper relationship with and understanding of the people you broadcast to…

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by Francis Fitzgibbon | 10:57 am

Do you know why your customers come back to you?

Jim owns Oaklands shop in Kerry. He used a contributor to tell the story of Oakland’s shop, a small grocery shop that has been in his family since 1961. He is trying to compete on his offering with giants like Lidl and Aldi. He has one great advantage – the story of his customers.

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by Shane O'Connor | 11:26 am

Storytelling on a Budget

The constant improvements in mobile technology mean it’s never been easier for people to get out there and record stories. The smartphone has become the new studio and mobile journalists are on the rise in all the major news networks. It’s very easy to get confused by all the different types of mojo kit out there and how much to spend…

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by Shane O'Connor | 2:54 pm

The Perfect StoryStock Storyteller

At StoryStock we know that all great stories are built on the 5W’s and H format of who, what, where, when, why, and how. We decided what better way to describe the perfect StoryStock Storyteller and story than to take the 5W’s and H challenge ourselves. So here it goes…

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by Francis Fitzgibbon | 2:45 pm

Why aren’t you telling the story of your business?

If you don’t have a story you are just another commodity.

Whether you are a small corner shop or a global brand leader, one of your key priorities should be telling the story of your business and why you do what you do! StoryStock has been working with some of the largest brands in the world to bring those stories out…

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